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Day 9 - Sunday 19th August – Wellington to Middlewich

Daily Distance = 48 miles (expected = 48.5)

Total Distance = 474 miles (expected = 434.5)

Weather: Mixture of sunshine and very heavy showers. Little or no wind.

Contour: Pretty much flat all day (hurray).


A good days cycling, arriving in Middlewich at 3.30pm despite John having 4 more punctures. All his punctures seemed to stem from the first one he had a few days ago. The new inner tube, Specialized lightweight, just isn’t up to the job. Unfortunately the other spare he has is the same make. The first puncture of the day occurred in Great Bolas. When we swapped it for the other inner tube, the new tube exploded in the tyre. It made us both jump, and sounded like a gunshot, (the cat sitting next to us didn’t move).

The new inner tube lasted about 3 miles to Stoke Heath. We are now in trouble since it is Sunday and no cycle shops are open. We mended the new tube and this got us to Longslow. The tube punctured again and to make it worse the heavens opened. We tried to take shelter under a tree, unfortunately John’s bike was upside down on the verge and his waterproofs were still in his panniers, which he couldn’t get to. We both got soaked. I suggested John switch the front and back tyres and inner tubes, since the back one was causing the problem and this took most of the weight. This seemed to work and got us to Middlewich with no more punctures.

I must point out that we searched the tyre for thorns on many occasions after the punctures but couldn’t find anything. You shouldn’t need to use a magnifying glass on the tyre. We cycled past Crudgington Dairy Crest site, Reaseheath college and Zeniths new home today. Stopping for lunch in Nantwich, which consisted of cheese and ham sandwiches made by Kath and Norman.

The B&B is pleasant, although the owners are very strange. Single rooms with a shared bathroom. Tea and coffee facilities and televisions. The bikes are put under the carport. 28 per person.

4 puncture today (all Johns), but no other breakdowns.

We went down the road to the pub for tea, of chicken kiev and chips. The meal improved after the idiots on the next table left.

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