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Day 8 - Saturday 18th August – Wyre Piddle to Wellington

Daily Distance = 61 miles (expected = 59)

Total Distance = 426 miles (expected = 386)

Weather: Overcast with drizzle to start, and then heavy rain later. NE wind, turning NW by the end of the day.

Contour: Fairly flat to start, then rough on the resurfaced roads of Staffordshire. Up-down-up in Ironbridge and up-up-up- crash round the Wrekin into Wellington.


Setting off at 8am, Gary Robinson and Mary cycled with us first thing in the morning. Gary turned round at Flyford Flavel and Mary at Jinny Ring. We tried to get a cup of tea at Jinny Ring, but it was only 10am, half an hour before it opened. We stopped at Kinver in a pub for lunch of pork baguette with roast potatoes and gravy. Very nice.

After lunch the cycling was hard going. We climbed up and down through Ironbridge in the pouring rain, then up and ‘round the Wrekin’, a very long and hilly route. Staffordshire win the prize so far for the worst resurfaced road in the country. The road near Halfpenny Green had only recently been resurfaced but was horrendously lumpy and had a ‘wavy-slide effect’. Eventually arrived in Wellington at 4.30pm, I unloaded and popped across the road to the cricket ground where Chris Eyers was playing.

I phoned Emma tonight from Kath and Normans. She sounded really depressed, just like I feel. But she also told me the one thing keeping her going was that we would make it to John O’Groats. Although my thoughts about giving up remain, Emma has made me more determined to keep going.


No puncture or breakdowns, although my back brake is very stiff and my mileometer stopped briefly this morning.


Kath and Norman gave us a lovely meal of mushroom soup, chicken, potatoes and salad, cream cake and ice cream followed by cheese and biscuits. They also very kindly dried our clothes for us, and let us put the bikes in the garage, safe and dry.

Thought for the day: why do Staffordshire road resurfaces do such a bad job, they must be very proud?

We had a long stretch along a B road today which was very busy and very hilly. Main roads are OK if they are flat or downhill slightly. As soon as you climb and slow down you feel so vulnerable.


Second thought for the day: where do all these people go in such a hurry, and when they get there do they turn round and hurry back?

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