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Day 7 - Friday 17th August – Tetbury to Wyre Piddle

Daily Distance = 50 miles (expected = 52.5)

Total Distance = 365 miles (expected = 327)

Weather: Warm, sunny and dry. SW wind.

Contour: Very hilly out of Tetbury, up-up-up to Brockhampton, and then a steep descent into Winchcombe. Fairly flat thereafter.


Today was quite hard going, although a short day. Very good breakfast and said goodbye to Emma. We set off at around 8.30am, Mary cycled with us, and it was difficult watching a person with fresh legs shoot up hills while John and I struggled. John seemed to be more depressed, and also panics more with traffic when Mary is around.

Very hard climbs from Tetbury to Winchcombe, and then dropped into Winchcombe for lunch. This was very steep and very long, and my hands started to hurt with all the braking.

Lunch was good - ham, soft cheese and pineapple sandwich. After lunch the cycling was excellent, flattish, warm sunny day, and roads we know. We arrived home at 2.30pm giving us time to recover for the next day. This was a welcome break given the long day before. Emma had brought my airsaddle down to Tetbury, and although I put it on the bike it seemed to have sprung a leak. She also brought my headset spanner and I was able to tighten the headset a little, stopping it rocking so much.

Once we got home, I put my bike on the back of the car and drove round to Vale Cycles in Evesham. They tightened my headset properly for me, with 2 spanners. I also purchased a gel saddle cover, which I hoped would bring relieve for the days ahead.

I then spend a good hour cleaning my bike thoroughly, and changed the brake blocks. The old ones had worn away quite significantly. It felt safer to start with new, although all the cleaning seemed to tighten the back brake considerably. Hopefully it will loosen as I use it.


It is nice to be home, even if it is just for one night. I have missed the girls so much.

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