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Day 15 – Saturday 25th August – Wilsontown to Callander

Daily Distance = 66 miles (expected = 55.5)

Total Distance = 827 miles (expected = 758)

Weather: Overcast and much cooler, but mainly dry. Little or no wind.

Contour: Fairly flat to start, a couple of long climbs towards Callander and then a gentle drop into the town.


A good breakfast in the Mansewood Hotel of poached eggs and then set off around 8.30am. The first few miles were through some very grotty areas, a lot of which looked like a rubbish tip. Saw two men acting very suspiciously just outside Stirling, and thought for a while they may run us off the road as the only witnesses. We went through one village with a worrying sign ‘handgun free village’.

At Carron Bridge we were stopped in the road by a lollipop lady and a man dressed up as an elephant. They were having a bit of a party in the pub (collecting for the children’s hospice) which we joined in and had a burger for lunch.

The afternoon was much nicer, cycling alongside the Carron Reservoir, very picturesque. John got very tired for the last 10 miles, mainly because we did 10 more than we should have done. This was due to a wrong turning having both decided we shouldn’t take a road on the right since it looked like it only lead to a farm. 4 miles later we had to turn round and go back. This is very demoralising.

Arrived at Callander around 5pm, and found the B&B, Brook Linn House, which again was at the top of a steep hill. This one we both managed to cycle up. The B&B is very nice, we had send fresh clothes up by post, and so undid our parcels and rewrapped the dirty clothes. The owner kindly offered to post them back for us. Single rooms, mine with a private bathroom. Tea and coffee facilities, and television. The bikes were secured for us, and brought back the next morning. 25 per person.

We went to Poppies Restaurant for dinner, one of the nicest meals we have had on the trip. I broke my alcohol free pledge and shared a bottle of wine with my meal of potato and leek soup, chicken and vegetables and apple pie. Very good, but very expensive. As we went to leave the waitress gave us 5 towards the charities.

No punctures and no breakdowns.

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