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Day 11 - Tuesday 21st August – Clayton-le-Dale to Sedbergh

Daily Distance = 59 miles (expected = 54.5)

Total Distance = 598 miles (expected = 546)

Weather: Bright and sunny and dry, apart from one very light shower. SW wind.

Contour: Fairly hilly all day, although hills are not as steep and go on for longer.


John got up early this morning (as always), and made himself a cup of tea, and repacked his things in very noisy plastic bags. With me still in bed John asked if I always had difficulty getting up in the morning. I replied that I did at 6.10am !!!

I gave the cooked breakfast a miss this morning, there is only so much fried food I can take, and I think the Indian didn’t help much. John strapped his knee up and it did pretty well for the most of the day, only starting to hurt significantly in the afternoon. He sprayed it a few times, until I told him he wasn’t supposed to spray it more than 3 times a day.

The inner tube problem seems to have left us (hurray), now that the rubbish Specialized tube had been replaced. Setting off at around 7.50am, we managed to do 35 miles before lunch. The traffic is now mostly behind us, and it is amazing how quickly the roads become quiet and the countryside surrounds us. Not as hilly as I was expecting. We took a couple of wrong turns up farm roads, which seemed better than many of the minor roads. We cycled through hundreds of pheasants running back and forth across the road. One nearly ended up in my front wheel, but changed its mind at the last minute, thankfully.

The countryside is spectacular, with pheasants, rabbits, and deer. We stopped for a break overlooking the countryside and could just make out the motorway below us. Fantastic, and at last the real sound of silence. We stopped in Caton for lunch, consisting of a triple-decker breakfast sandwich and chips (to make up for the fried food I missed out on this morning). The Post Office in Caton gave me a chocolate bar for the journey.

At Kirkby Lonsdale we stopped for a coffee, and to give John’s knee a rest. This was probably the hardest part of the journey so far for John. His knee was really hurting, and he told me afterwards he was feeling very low. We arrived at the B&B at 4pm. It is next door to the original Quaker meeting room. The B&B itself is a converted cattle shed. Very pleasant, and lovely couple, whose biggest worry was whether their fish would survive the night. The owner of the B&B cooked us a lovely meal tonight, soup followed by chicken roast and then strawberries. 19.50 per person.

No punctures and no breakdowns, but John’s knee is really giving him jip.

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